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Hybrid, Flexible Packaging
With a proven expertise in both rigid and flexible packaging, we are in the unique position to develop hybrid solutions through our technologies, creating packaging solutions that are at the intersection of rigid and flexible.


NuSeal is revolutionizing recloseable lid and film sealing.

Benefits include:

  • The film is optimized for barrier and temperature requirements, per application
  • Eliminates seal waste stream and die cutting operations
  • Differentiation on the shelf with brilliant, eye catching graphics
  • Offers the “Complete Package” when combined with Barricade — container+closure+seal
  • All-plastic solution enables metal detection and improved sustainability
  • BPA and PVC free

Rigid Lens II

Rigid Lens II utilizes hybrid packaging—a combination of rigid and flexible—to provide customers with an innovative product that is backed by consumers.

Benefits include:

  • User-friendly hinge designed to enable one hand access and ensures the lid stays open throughout use
  • Provides a hermetic seal and a consistent closure
  • High-speed die cut application on flow wrap