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Created to meet the needs of nearly any application, our laminate and extruded tubes are designed for ease of use. Choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes, hundreds of closure choices, decorating options, and a seemingly endless color palette.

Extruded Tubes


Our extruded tube offerings are one of the largest in the market with almost endless combinations of materials, closures, colors, and decoration options.

Laminate Tubes


We are the only supplier in North America to offer a completely integrated supply chain from pellet to pallet. In addition, our premium laminate tubes can provide stunning quality graphics for a high-end look.

Tube Specification Guide


Our Tube Specification Guide helps to create the perfect tube through our advanced decoration capabilities and diverse size range. This guide describes the various options for dimensions, caps and/or seals, heads, materials, colors, coating, and decoration for extruded and laminate tubes.

Tube Sample Kit

We can supply you with a sample kit of our tubes on request.